Spread the Word

The more people in our community who know about the important role Allegany Arc has in Allegany County, the more support for Allegany Arc and the people we serve.

You can help by:
(1) Visit our Facebook page and like us, leave us your comments and share our posts on your page.
(2) Become an Allegany Arc Member.
(3) Talk about the meaningful contributions being made within the community by Allegany Arc and people with developmental disabilities.


Help Allegany Arc’s VOICE Self-Advocacy group – put an end to the use of the R-Word.

The words we use have a powerful impact on our attitudes about people. Respectful language makes a difference.

  • Use the words person with a disability instead of handicapped or disabled person.
  • Use the word accessible rather than disabled or handicapped. Example: accessible parking instead of handicapped parking.
  • Words such as client and consumer create an image of passivity and should not be used to define a person with a disability. A person with a disability is a person first, not a client or consumer.
  • Handicapped and crippled are outdated terms. Use words such as has a disability or uses a wheelchair.
  • Ask others to stop using the word retard.
  • ARC was used as an acronym for Association for Retarded Children (later Citizens). Allegany Arc no longer uses this acronym.