VOICE Self-Advocacy

VOICE LogoVOICE was established on the belief that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities must be active in advocating for their own interests. Our members promote greater support and understanding for adults and children who have an intellectual and developmental disability by recommending policy change on issues ranging from education to civil rights. Our members have worked closely with policymakers on a variety of issues including:

  • budget cuts
  • employment first
  • Medicaid managed care

Through public policy, VOICE strives to ensure that individuals and their families can contribute to the design of and have access to disability-competent services and supports, as well as other assistance and opportunities, which promote inclusive communities.

Mission Statement

VOICE is dedicated to helping the community to create change.


VOICE meets each Friday in Wellsville, NY. For a list of meeting locations, please email voice@alleganyarc.org.


VOICE is always looking for new members! If you have an intellectual or developmental disability, have a family member with a disability, work in the disability field, or just want to be more involved, please contact VOICE at (585) 593-5700 x 423.