Self Directed Services & Supports

Evan-and-AshleighSelf-Directed Supports and Services

Self-Directed Services provides the ability for an individual and/or family to hire his/her own staff to self-direct supports. This program promotes responsibility and self-determination by placing control and power with individuals and/or families to meet their own needs by managing the supports and services that work best for them, how and when they are provided, and the staff that provide them.

Individuals who self-direct their services are afforded a great amount of flexibility, and pay for those services with funds from a Personal Resource Account (PRA). The PRA is a resource level determined by the individual’s assessed needs, and the dollar amount varies for each person. You can self-direct some or all of your services.

Click here to view the OPWDD Self-Directed Services brochure.
Click here to view a A How-To Guide to Starting Self-Directed Services.

For further information, please contact Judy Peck, Vice President of Community Services, at (585) 593-5700 x 543 or


Self-Directed Service Forms:

MOU for Community Habilitation Self/Family-Directed Option (PDF)
• MOU for Self-Directed Respite (PDF)
• Self-Directed Services Reimbursement Form and Check Request (PDF)
• Self-Hired Employee Time Sheet and Service Documentation (PDF)
• Self-Directed Mileage Reimbursement Form (PDF)