Susie-and-Dottie-5-16-14Allegany Arc offers a variety of residential supports within Allegany County including Family Care, Individual Residential Alternatives and Supportive Apartments. Our community living settings emphasize personal outcome attainment in a supportive environment.

Download a Personalized Living Manual (PDF)

Individualized Residential Alternatives

Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) offer a living alternative that provides habilitation to assist individuals to achieve their chosen valued outcomes. Direct Support Professionals provide supports for activities of daily living with a focus on increasing independence and inclusion within the local community while ensuring safety and well being. The IRA’s are supervised, with staff present 24 hours a day, and the level of support provided varies based on each individual’s needs. IRA’s are located in Wellsville, Belmont, Scio and Alfred. For further information, please contact Heather Perkins, Vice President of Program Services, at (585) 593- 5700 x 516 or

Supportive Apartments

Supportive Apartments provide individuals who are able to live more independently with the responsibility of maintaining an apartment while receiving periodic support from staff. For further information, please contact Heather Perkins, Vice President of Program Services, at (585) 593- 5700 x 516 or

Family Care

A Family Care home is a specially recruited and trained family that provides training, nurturing, and a family atmosphere for anyone with a developmental disability. In many instances, the Family Care home becomes the individual’s permanent residence. For further information, please contact John Dolan, Allegany Arc’s Family Care Liason, at (585) 593-5067 or

Independent Options

Movin’ Out is a unique option for Medicaid eligible individuals who want to live in their own house or apartment and would like to receive supports from a live-in provider. An individual who takes part in Movin’ Out chooses who he or she lives with. This could be someone they already know or a community member who has let Allegany Arc know they are interested in being a provider. Movin’ Out is a program rooted in the understanding that a community is not whole without all of its members being able to take part as active citizens to the extent that he or she chooses.

Download a Movin’ Out Manual (PDF)

Shared Living is a program  for individuals who would like to move from their current living situation to a home of their choice. People who decide to do Shared Living can either rent or buy an apartment or house; have a roommate or live alone while receiving support from outside of the home like Paid Neighbor or Community Habilitation services. These services give individuals the support they want while living independently in the community.

Download a Shared Living Manual (PDF)

For further information, please contact Judy Peck, Vice President of Community Services, at (585) 593-5700 or

Download an Independent Options brochure.

Home of Your Own (HOYO) Program

HOYO is a HUD-approved housing counseling program that is open to income-eligible people with developmental disabilities and mental illness, and their parents or legal guardians. The program offers a wide range of supports, including information on low-interest mortgages, as well as homeownership counseling and training programs.

The Office of Housing Initiatives and Supports is committed to men, women, and families interested in living more independently through achieving homeownership. The office is available to assist existing and prospective homeowners with what can be a daunting process, whether through credit and budget counseling, pre-homeownership education and counseling, or just “dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.”

If you are interested in learning more about the HOYO program, contact the Office of Housing Initiatives and Supports at (518) 473-1973 or at to request an information package and preliminary application.