Medicaid Service Coordination

ADA-Celebration-21Service coordination assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to gain access to services and supports. OPWDD offers two types of service coordination, Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS) and Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC). Both are delivered by qualified service coordinators and utilize a person-centered approach for planning supports and services.

The primary difference between the two models is how often service coordinators will make contact with you. MSC offers a more intensive approach for individuals that have an ongoing and comprehensive need. PCSS is for individuals who need a lower level of support for the coordination of their services.

Service Coordinators Promote and Support Informed Choice

Informed Choice:
A choice that a person makes based on a good understanding of the options available to him or her, and how each option may affect his or her life. Service coordinators provide information to individuals so they can make informed choices about their life and services. A person may be supported to make an informed choice on his or her own, or may have assistance from family members, friends or other people important to the individual.

The Circle of Support: Individualized Service Planning via a Person-Centered Approach
Service coordinators focus their planning on the needs and desires of the person with developmental disabilities, drawing input from the individual’s circle of support. The circle of support may include family members, friends, or other people the individual chooses.

The circle meets on an ongoing basis to evaluate the success of and make changes to the plan. The individual with a developmental disability is at the “center” of the circle, and everyone works cooperatively to develop a personalized plan for the individual. A circle can be as small as the person being served and their service coordinator, or can be larger.

For further information, please contact Kila Cook, Director of Medicaid Service Coordination, at (585) 593-3005 x 237 or