Fiscal Intermediary Services

Allegany Arc offers Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Services to individuals enrolled in Self-Directed Services. The Self-Directed model allows an individual, or their representative, to hire their own employee(s). The individual then selects a Fiscal Intermediary Services Provider who is responsible for administrative and billing support.

What is a Fiscal Intermediary?

Choosing a Fiscal Intermediary (FI) will be one of the most important decisions you make as you begin down the path of becoming the employer of your own staff.

A Fiscal Intermediary is simply an entity that pays any expenses that are included in your “Individual Support Budget.” The funds in your budget will go directly to the Fiscal Intermediary, making it possible for the FI to make the appropriate payments, as authorized by you. The Fiscal Intermediary handles all the legal and technical details of the employer duties.

The Fiscal Intermediary serves as your “Employer Agent,” meaning that it will pay your staff and any bills related to payroll as well as any other authorized payments, as instructed by you. The FI will also help guide you through unfamiliar territory, and is someone you can call upon with questions or concerns.

Why a Fiscal Intermediary?

• The freedom to choose who you spend your time with;
• The freedom of who you allow into your home;
• The freedom to decide what activities you and your staff will participate in;
• The freedom to control your resources;
• The ability to hire and fire your own staff.

All participants of Self-Directed Services are required to have a neutral third party act as the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) between the local developmental and intellectual disabilities agency and you. The job of a Fiscal Intermediary is to make sure that all the guidelines set in place by the state and federal governments about payroll and taxes are followed.

The FI takes the burden of the administrative paperwork off of you, your family, and your support staff. In addition to preparing payroll, the Fiscal Intermediary makes sure that unemployment insurance is established and that all taxes are prepared according to state and federal laws.

Responsibilities of the Fiscal Intermediary

• Assist you with completing and filing documents that will enable you to become an employer;
• Help you determine how many hours your staff can work, what the related costs will be and what you can afford to pay your staff per hour;
• Arrange for the necessary criminal background checks;
• Provide payroll services assuring that all taxes are paid;
• Wage and benefit processing for staff;
• Complying with workers’ compensation, disability and unemployment requirements;
• Track expenditures;
• Bill Medicaid or New York State for services in the budget;
• Maintain records of service authorizations and/or re-authorizations;
• Provide individual with a monthly statement of their financial activity.


Click here to download Allegany Arc’s Fiscal Intermediary brochure (PDF).

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