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Allegany Arc Volunteers Keep Main Street Blooming

The Wellsville DeFlower Planter Wateringvelopment Corporation (WDC), a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit arm of the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, recently recognized a group of Allegany Arc individuals for their dedication to watering the flower planters on Main Street in Wellsville.

“We are thrilled to be out in the community volunteering with this project,” says Brennan Thurber who heads up Allegany Arc’s volunteer watering group. “We water every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and it takes approximately an hour to thoroughly water the 16 planters.”

The group’s volunteers include Shawn Ordiway, Ryan Shoff, Ed Sweet and Brian Daley. “We started out at the beginning of summer with two gallons of water per planter, but quickly realized that the plants were in need of three gallons,” says Thurber. “The flowers are beautiful and it has been fun watching them grow and bloom.”

The WDC is a community-based corporation that focuses on revitalization, economic development and beautification planning projects. The Corporation is governed by a chair person and a board of 13 directors with the mission of contributing to the quality of life and saving ‘at risk’ historic buildings in Wellsville. Each summer, in pursuit of that goal, the WDC purchases and maintains the beautiful planter boxes lining Main Street. WDC fundraises throughout the year to expand the number of planters further down Main Street. While the planters are beautiful, it takes dedicated volunteers to keep the flowers looking fresh and vibrant all summer long.

If you are a non-profit organization and would like some volunteer assistance, please contact Allegany Arc’s Lifeskills program at (585) 593-5700 x 525 to learn about the many ways they can assist you.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the Wellsville Development Corporation or assisting with their beautification projects, please contact the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce at (585) 593-5080.


CAPTION: Pictured (left to right) Brian Daley, Shawn Ordiway, Brennan Thurber, Ed Sweet and Ryan Shoff.

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