Experience at work for you – Connecting People With Employment

Since 1989 ACHIEVE Career Consultants has been assisting Employers with finding the right Employee for the job. Through one-on-one interviews with prospective employers, ACHIEVE identifies qualified applicants for prospective job vacancies. Since 1989, ACHIEVE has successfully matched over 200 individuals with employment. Our high success rate is due to our ability to accurately match employment opportunities with skilled individuals.

The process is simple. An ACHIEVE Employment Specialist will be assigned to you. You will discuss your employment goals together, look at vacant position qualifications, and provide Employers with resumes, cover letters, and completed job applications for each prospective position. Additionally, your Employment Specialist will accompany you to the interview and assist with the interview process when necessary.

Once employment is obtained, your Employment Specialist will train you on the necessary job components. Once you, the Employer, and your Employment Specialist agree you have met the job-related requirements, your Employment Specialist will “fade out”, leaving you to complete the job tasks on your own.

Your Employment Specialist will meet with you twice a month and your Employer once a month to ensure that you are continuing to meet the expectations of the job. Should you receive a promotion or if your job responsibilities change, your Employment Specialist will assist you with learning your new responsibilities.

ACHIEVE Career Consultants are dedicated to assisting individuals of all abilities in reaching their vocational goals.  We offer a wide variety of services to meet individual needs.

  • Vocational Assessment

    ACHIEVE has the ability to assess your work skills, aptitudes, and learning style. This is accomplished through an assessment process which takes approximately 2-3 hours. In this time frame, you will meet with a trained Evaluator who will put you through a series of tests which will allow the Evaluator to identify your potential for employment in your desired field.

    The assessment process can include:

    1. Learning Styles Assessment
    2. Interest Inventory
    3. General Aptitudes and
    4. Simulated Work Samples; Machine Tending, Small Parts Assembly and Hand/Eye/Foot Coordination.
  • Job Readiness/Work Readiness

    ACHIEVE has developed a comprehensive series of Job Readiness classes to address current employment issues by surveying local Employers and working with the New York State Department of Education to determine what employers are looking for from prospective Employees.

    Classes include: Job General Aptitudes, Work Ethics and Values, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Co-worker and Supervisory Relations, Job Applications, Interviewing, and Resume Writing.

  • Community Based Assessments/Job Coaching

    An added feature of ACHIEVE is our ability to provide you with an opportunity to obtain on-the-job-training. Once you indicate an interest in a job, your Employment Specialist will work with a local business to train and assess your ability to effectively perform the required job tasks. This process typically takes place over a 2-3 week period. At the end of this assessment, your Employment Specialist will meet with your “host Employer” to determine if you met the expectations of the job description, determine your strengths, and identify barriers to success. This process assists both you and the Employer to determine if you are a good match for the job.

For individuals that are interested in pursuing employment, ACHIEVE contracts to provide:

  • Community Pre-Voc

    Services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteering, where participants can develop general, non-job-task specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability in paid employment in integrated community settings.  The services should enable each individual to attain the highest level of work in the most integrated setting and with the job matched to the individual’s interests, strengths, priorities, abilities and capabilities.  We are currently serving nine individuals, four of which are participating in work for pay.

  • Pathway to Employment

    A new waiver service.  Will be a person-centered, comprehensive career planning and support service that provides assistance for participants to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive or self-employment.  It is a focused, time limited service, that will engage each participant in identifying a career direction, provides instruction and training in pre-employment skills, and develops a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment.  Within a twelve month time frame it is expected that the participant will have a stated career objective; a detailed career plan used to guide their individual supports; and are prepared for supported employment services.

  • Employment & Training Program

    The Employment Training Program provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to gain real work experience and attend job readiness classes to build success. The goal of the ETP internship is to obtain community employment at the completion of the internship.  Interns work with a Job Developer to create an individualized, paid work experience to build the skills needed to obtain competitive employment. Additionally, interns will learn real world work skills including industry specific tasks, technology, employment standards and work culture. Internships provide the opportunity for each intern to develop relationships and experiences that give them a competitive edge in the workforce. They also learn communication and work skills that improve job retention such as time management, customer service, conflict resolution, communication and flexibility.

  • Supported Employment Extended Services

    On-going support services to participants who, because of their disabilities, need intensive on-going support to obtain and maintain a job in competitive or customized employment or self-employment, in an integrated work setting in the general workforce for which an individual is compensated at or above minimum wage.  Allowable services include but are not limited to; periodic skills training, assessments and reassessment of the person’s skills and the impact of other environmental factors, obtaining employer participation to maximize the person’s independence, job coaching, skills training to address job duty performance and work related behaviors.

  • RISE - Reaching Individual Success in Education.

    A partnership between Alfred State and ACHIEVE Career consultants.  RISE is located on the Alfred State campus and focuses on creating a unique educational experience that nurtures students’ social and academic growth.  Students are given access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities through services learning, work study, mentoring and internships. RISE focuses on academic instruction, employment experiences through work-based learning, and social and independent living.  Alfred State students serve as peer mentors to the participants as they assimilate into the college environment, audit college classes and explore their personal goals.  Students participate in group services currently funded by a blend of off-site Day Habilitation and Community Pre-voc.

For individuals that are interested in pursuing employment, but may not be eligible for OPWDD ACHIEVE contracts to provide:


    Adult Career Continuing Education Vocational Rehabilitation is an agency that was created especially for individuals with disabilities who want to work.  Any individual who has a permanent disability (physical, emotional, mental chemical/substance abuse and learning disabilities) and an employment goal could be eligible for services.  ACHIEVE Career Consultants are approved to provide Entry Services, Diagnostic Vocational Evaluations, Community Based Work Assessments, Standardized Testing, Work Readiness, Job Placement Services, Coaching Supports, Transportation, Mobility Training and Supported Employment (intensive and extended services).

  • ARA PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services)

    ARA PROS contracts with ACHIEVE Career Consultants to provide vocational services to their cliental.  ARA PROS has adopted IPS (Individualized Placement and Support) Practice and are committed to competitive employment as an attainable goal for clients with serious mental illness.  IPS is supported employment that helps individuals with severe mental illness work at regular jobs of their choosing, it is an evidence-based practice, focuses on the client strengths, believes that work can promote recovery and wellness, uses a multidisciplinary approach and provides individual and long-lasting services.   ACHIEVE offers work groups, career profile assessments, job development & placement, benefits advisement and on-going rehabilitation supports.

  • Ticket to Work

    The goal of the national Ticket to Work program (funded through the Social Security Administration) is to give people receiving disability benefits the chance to achieve steady, long-term employment. Ticket holders get more choices about going to work, earning income, and receiving continued health care benefits than ever before. This is a voluntary employment-related program.  Eligible beneficiaries receive “Tickets” (they look like a certificate) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). After receiving a Ticket, if a person wants to go to work, they contact and “assign” their Ticket to a local entity called an Employment Network like ACHIEVE Career Consultants or any state vocational rehabilitation agency. With the counselor, an Individual Work Plan is developed stating the desired employment goals. After this is done, the Ticket is considered “in use.” When a person’s Ticket is in use, no Medical Continuing Disability Review can take place, as long as the person demonstrates they are making “timely progress” and/or working to meet the goals identified in their Individual Work Plan.  ACHIEVE Career Consultants are approved to provide services in six counties; three in New York and three in Pennsylvania.

Services available to school districts:

  • Transition Mentoring

    Transition Mentoring provides guidance to schools and families for their students/children who are planning for the future beyond school; whether it is for work or higher education. This includes information on navigating the adult service system and providing assistance where needed.

  • Student Internship Experience

    Schools may partner with ACHIEVE to provide a vocational program option for students once academic requirements are met through New York State Education Programs that are individually designed and can be half-day or full-day programs. Design of a plan can include functional skills training, work readiness training, internships, and counseling regarding employment and post-secondary education.