R.I.S.E. (Reaching Individual Success in Education)

Alfred State, through a partnership with ACHIEVE Career Consultants, would like to introduce R.I.S.E. (Reaching, Individual, Success, in Education) for young adults with intellectual disabilities. For students interested in continuing their education in an integrated collegiate environment (up to four years).

R.I.S.E. is located on the Alfred State campus and focuses on creating a unique educational experience that nurtures students’ social and academic growth. Students are given access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities through service learning, work study, mentoring, and work-based training.

R.I.S.E. focuses on academic instruction, employment experiences through work-based learning, and social and independent living. In the program, Alfred State students serve as peer mentors to young adults with the participants as they assimilate into the college environment, audit college classes, and explore their personal goals.

Click here to download a RISE Brochure.

R.I.S.E. Focuses On:

  • Academic Instruction
    Location – classroom space on Alfred State campus; Mentoring – Alfred State students will serve as R.I.S.E. mentors; Campus Access – participants will have access to Alfred State labs, fitness center, dining facilities, computer labs, library, courses, ID cards, and campus programming / events; Activities – R.I.S.E. participants will have the following campus fee waived while participating: activities fee, athletic fee, college fee, educational technology fee, student health fee, transcript fee and transportation fee.
  • Employment Experience
    Work Transition Skills – setting goals, work ethic/value, professionalism at work, managing work/personal life, confidence on the job, job applications/resumes, and interviewing skills.; Vocational Assessments – interests, learning styles, aptitudes, motor skills, sensory skills, adaptive behavior skills, and functional skills; Job Development – job development, job carve outs, job shadows, job coaching, and work-based training.
  • Social/Independent Living
    Social/Communication Skills – assessment, training and assistance in developing behaviors and communication skills which are normative in the surrounding community; Safety/Healthcare Skills – training and assistance in basic safety skills; Money Management – training and assistance in developing money management skills which include recognition of currency and making change; Mobility Training – training on the use of public transportation for work and recreation.

For more information, please contact: Christina Lyon, Vice President of Vocational Services, at (585) 593-3005 x 227 or christina.lyon@alleganyarc.org.