New Hire Orientation

Welcome New Hires
Congratulations on your new position! As you start your new job, you willl undoubtedly be excited to join the Allegany Arc team. Your new manager or supervisor and your new co-workers will also be excited to get to know you and welcome you to the agency.

Below is some information to get you started on your new journey – once again, welcome to Allegany Arc!


Julie Costello
Human Resources Manager
office location: Walter Babbitt Facility
(585) 593-5700 ext. 519  

Paula Gardner
Staff Development Manager
office location: Walter Babbitt Facility
(585) 593-5700 ext. 555

Where to Find Us

Walter Babbitt Facility
50 Farnum Street
Wellsville, NY

Additional training will take place at:

        Allegany Arc's Transportation Facility
        Farnum Street, Wellsville, NY

Dyke Street IRA (Individualized Residential Alternative)
        East Dyke Street, Wellsville, NY

        J. Charles Shine Habilitation Center
        240 O'Connor Street, Wellsville, NY

Additional Information
Dress Code
• When attending orientation training, dress comfortable but appropriate; no sweatpants or pajama bottoms. Sneakers are a must when learning SCIP-R physical intervention techniques.
Click here to read Allegany Arc's Dress Code Policy (PDF/2 pages).

• During your week of Classroom Orientation Training you will be allotted one hour for lunch (on your own). Time may vary depending on your Orientation Class and/or Instructor. If you decide to stay in for lunch, there is a refrigerator, microwave and soda machine available.

Emergency Contacts
Who do I contact if there is an emergency and I am unable to attend training?
• Your direct supervisor; as soon as possible. If you leave a message, be sure to continue calling until you speak with the supervisor.

New Employee Orientation
• All new employees are required to complete Allegany Arc's mandatory trainings. You will have 90 days from hire to complete these required trainings. Employees who do not complete the new hire required trainings within the first 90 days, will be out of compliance and may place the agency at risk; therefore, non-compliant employees will be removed from the work schedule until they have completed the trainings.

• Your trainings will consist of not only classroom trainings but on-line trainings as well. There are four on-line trainings that have to be completed prior to attending the classroom training; they are: (1) Choking Prevention Initiative Level One, (2) Adult CPR/FA (basic information), (3) Individual Rights and (4) Overview of Developmental Disabilities/Characteristics. It is very important that you complete these four trainings prior to classroom training as they are pre-requisites for the courses you will receive during week one of orientation. All other on-line trainings can be done after your classroom training and within the first 90 days of hire. Your Supervisor will be present to guide you through this process. 

• Once again, "Welcome to Allegany Arc!"