Maranda Clark wins "Trading Amy"

Rebecca Decker, Community Relations Assistant
June 28, 2012

Allegany Arc is proud to announce Maranda Clark as May's winner of "Trading Amy", their recognition program for residential employees.  Amy Black, Residential Director, will work one shift for Maranda of her choosing.  Through this reward program, Amy does the work and Maranda gets paid!

Every month, one employee is nominated per residential site by managers.  The nominee who receives the award gets to take one day off during their winning month.  Criteria to be nominated include no medication errors, no call-ins, and completing all trainings within 30 days of availability for the month they are nominated.    

Maranda Clark, May's winner, currently works at Corbin.  Maranda has been at Allegany Arc since September of 2010.  She has worked at the same residence since joining the agency.  Maranda said about working at Allegany Arc, "What I enjoy most about my job are the people I work with.  Every day is a new learning experience and we have a lot of laughs at Corbin." 

Of the award, Maranda added, "I was surprised and honored just being nominated.  I work overnights and this award let me know that my job is important."

Other nominees for May included Alan Ackley, Jill Bissell, Lori Brace, Nicole Hann-Hamilton, Zack Sive, Tonya Smith, and Lacy Young. 

Amy Black said of the program, "This recognition program has been deeply gratifying for me.  I hope that I end up working a shift for all of the residential employees.  Beyond that, this recognition program means a great deal to our employees.  I hear over and over again how even being nominated is rewarding.  Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) deserve to be acknowledged and this program does that in a big way." 

Allegany Arc congratulates Maranda on this award. 

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