Amanda Bryan wins "Trading Amy"

Rebecca Decker, Community Relations Assistant
June 06, 2012

Allegany Arc is proud to announce Amanda Bryan as April's winner of "Trading Amy", their recognition program for residential employees.  Amy Black, Residential Director, will work one shift for Amanda of her choosing.  Through this reward program, Amy does the work and Amanda gets paid!

Every month, one employee is nominated per residential site by managers.  Criteria include no medication errors, no call-ins, and completing all trainings within 30 days of availability for the month they are nominated.  The nominee who receives the award gets to take one day off during their winning month. 

Amanda Bryan, April's winner, currently works at the Ashraf Home.  Amanda has worked at the Ashraf home since August of 2008.  One of her favorite things about working at Allegany Arc is the unique bond she enjoys with the people she cares for.  Amanda was proud to be the winner of April's Trading Amy and said, "It is a great feeling to have all of my hard work recognized this way and a day off courtesy of Amy is a wonderful bonus."   

Other nominees for April include Chris Blade, Damienne Collopy, Nicole Conley, Caroline Hoffman, Jamie Kellogg, Danielle Polo, and Cheri Wagner.   

Amy Black said of this program, "Now in our fourth month, I am even more excited with the well-deserved recognition this award brings.  Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the heart and soul of Allegany Arc and to be able to give back to them in this small way means a great deal.  I have worked four different shifts at four different houses and the one constant I see is the unwavering professionalism and dedication brought forth on a daily basis by our employees.  I am honored to be able to give this award and work so closely with DSPs to provide quality care to people with special needs."

Allegany Arc congratulates Amanda on this award. 

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