Founded in 1961, Allegany Arc began as a grassroots effort by a small group of parents determined to give their children with disabilities a better life. What started as a TREE Workshop (for Training, Rehabilitation, Education, and Experience) in Friendship, NY, has now grown into Allegany Arc which serves over 325 individuals.

• Allegany Arc was founded by a group of parents as part of a grassroots effort. Scio Methodist Church, which included a summer camp, parent group and special education classes.

• The first sheltered workshop, TREE Workshop (Training, Rehabilitation, Education and Experience), opened in Friendship, NY.

• TREE Workshop became Piece Work Industries and moved from Friendship, NY to South Hall on the Alfred University Campus, in Alfred, NY.
• Alfred Community Residence opened.
• Day Training Program opened at South Hall.  

• Allegany Arc opened their second community residence in Belmont, NY, Belmont Community Residence (BCR). 

• Piece Work Industries was shortened to PWI. 

• The Recreation/Respite Program began without the assistance of grant funding, providing a wide variety of activities to the Arc's regular program participants. 

• Allegany Arc received a grant for Supported Employment and worked with the local BOCES program to administer vocational assessment and assist students with planning for future employment.
• PWI opened their second work-center in Wellsville, NY, at 50 Farnum Street. 

• Allegany Arc opened the first of seven Supported Apartments in Wellsville, NY

• The Dyke Street Community Residence (DCR) was designed to support 12 individuals who were moving from an institutional setting, back to their home community.  Over the next 10 years, Allegany Arc would repatriate 20 individuals back to Allegany County and closer to their families.
• Supported Employment Program began and twenty individuals moved into community based employment in the first year, and many of those individuals are still employed today.  

• BCR underwent Chapter 21 conversion, which allowed Allegany Arc to move local residents into the home.

• Two additional Supported Apartments were opened in Wellsville, NY.
• Crisis Intervention Program was implemented and in the first year served over 44 individuals and their families.

• The Department of Social Services awarded Allegany Arc a contract to provide respite services to children and the Day Treatment Program was moved from Alfred, NY to its current location; the Charles J. Shine Habilitation Center.
• PWI location at 50 Farnum St. was renamed the Walter Babbitt Work Center
• PWI location at 36 Madison St. was renamed the Edward and Edna Antoon Community Services Center.

• O'Connor Street Community Residence (OCR) opened.
• The Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Program for Individual with Developmental Disabilities was initiated as a pilot program in Allegany County.  With the HCBS Waiver program came a menu of services to include; service coordination, waiver respite, day habilitation, adaptive technologies, environmental modification and prevocational services.
• Saturday Day Respite Services started.
• PWI won a contract with Henderson/Smith Office of General Services in Hornell, NY and the first mobile work crew was formed. 

• Niles Hill Individual Residential Alternative (IRA), Wellsville, NY and Noble Street IRA, Belmont, NY opened.  These homes were the first five bed homes in Allegany County, and allowed Allegany Arc to move local residents, as well as individuals being moved out of institutions, in a traditional family dwelling.
• The Family Care Program opened their first home.
• Individual Support Services (ISS) was developed to support individuals who wished to live independently in the community, but would need some financial assistance to do so.
• Family Reimbursement Program service was designed to support an individual with a disability living at home with a family members and assist with off-setting costs associated with a high level of care.
• Day Training Program converted HCBS Day Habilitation program.  This transition allowed for a larger menu of services, which included individuals accessing and utilizing community resources, such as the bank, restaurants, stores, post office, etc.  By gaining access to these services, individuals were able to gain the skills needed to become more independent in their home communities.
• O'Connor Community Residence and Dyke Street Community Residence were converted to Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA) under the HCBS Waiver for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

• Neighborhood Based Alliance (NBA) Outreach/Prevention Services program, Social/Recreation Club for individuals who live at home and in community residences.
• The Youth Leadership Project, a three year grant project which brought young people together with individuals with disabilities to encourage tolerance and inclusion. 

• Allegany Arc partnered with the Department of Health to initiate the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Program for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury, named STRIDES (Striving Toward Respect Independence Dignity Equality Success).  With STRIDES came a menu of services to include; Service Coordination, Independent Living Skills Training (ILST), Structured Day Program (SDP), transportation, Community Integration Counseling (CIC), Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) and environmental modifications.
• The HCBS Waiver program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities expanded to include Off-Site Waiver Services.
• PWI expanded services the development of the Raptis Facility in Wellsville, NY.  The Raptis Facility was designed to prepare individuals who were the most "work ready" to move towards community based or supported employment.  Contract work was highly physical and detail oriented.
• Allegany Arc Education and Training Department can to be.  This training center was designed to provide agency personnel with state of art education and training in order to provide the highest quality of care to individuals served agency-wide.

• Allegany Arc looked to agency personnel and the individuals we serve to change our name in an effort to better represent the diverse population of people we serve.  As a result Allegany County Association for Retarded Citizens become Allegany Arc – a resource and career opportunity center.  In 2008, we took another look at our name and shortened it to Allegany Arc. 

• The Evening Recreation program for individuals who lived at home was implemented.
• The Horizons Program – Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CD-PAS).
• The HCBS Waiver program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities reorganized to include the following new services; Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS), Family Education and Training (FET) which was designed to meet the needs of parents whose young children were being enrolled into the HCBS Waiver program and Prevocational Services were expanded to include individuals who lived at home.
• The Rehabilitation Department partnered with area schools to provide Student Internships and Job Readiness Classes to students identified through the Committee for Special Education and were at-risk for dropping out.
• The Supported Employment Program became Relyability Career Services.
• Alfred Community Residence and Belmont Community Residence were converted to Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA) under the HCBS Wavier for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

• The Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) awarded Allegany Arc a two year grant to provide Inclusion Recreational Services for children and adults who live at home and have limited access to recreational services in their community.
• Allegany Arc created At Your Service (AYS) a for-profit spin-off of employment related services in which individuals with disabilities were hired as Allegany Arc staff to work in competitively employed work situations. 

• Two more Supported Apartments bringing the total number of people served in a supported living environment up to eight.   These apartments were attached to BCR and are owned outright by the organization.
• The Temporary Use Bed (TUB) was created at BCR to provide emergency respite services to individuals with a developmental disability who have been displaced due to natural disaster, unexpected death of a family member or to avoid placement in a more restrictive level of care.
• The Forensic Services Program was implemented to address the growing number of individuals with disabilities who were being referred for services by the criminal justice system.  This second shift program provides intensive job skills training to individuals in the late afternoon/evening hours, allowing the individuals with disabilities to meet all conditions of their probation requirements. 

• Corbin Hill IRA opened and was designed to meet the unique needs of individuals who had a developmental disability and were also diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
• The Children's Services Division, designed to meet the needs of children from birth to 21.  Services in this Division include; Wee Steps, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver for Children with Mental Health, and diversified the HCBS program services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities to focus on children and children's issues.   With the initiation of the Children's Services Division came the need to diversify services even further. 

• New Dimensions in Health Care Clinic through the Department of Health opened.
• The First Annual Consumer Dance was held at the Amity Rescue Squad.
• VOICE was organized.

• Knights Creek IRA was built to meet the needs of children with severe autism and provide them an alternative to institutional placement.  Six children between the ages of 8-12 moved into this residence in the fall of 2002 and reside there today.
• The Parent and Family Support Network was developed to provide education/training, social networking and linkage to families with similar needs in and around Allegany County. 

• The College Mentor Program.
• After School Program.
• Teen Tuesday Recreation Programs.
• The Redemption Center, a for profit business under the AYS umbrella, opened providing work for pay opportunities in a community based setting for 12 people with disabilities.

• Family Respite Program which includes siblings.
•  SibShops
• Supported Employment/ Rehab  identified the need to diversify services in the last decade with the re-authorization of ACCES-VR contracts to include Direct Placement Services, Mobility Training, Work Readiness Training and Supports for Students moving into Post Secondary Education from 2006-2008. 

• The Rolling Tones were organized held their first formal performance.

• Saturday Recreation for Children in Autism in 2008. 
• Transition Mentor program.  This service was designed to assist school personnel, parents and students with transition from school to work/post secondary education.  Services include; vocational assessment, job coaching and student internships opportunities.  ACHIEVE Career Consultants has contracted with six areas schools to provide student internship opportunities for individuals preparing to transition.
•  Alfred Community Residence was renamed the Ashraf House.
• Arc Art held their first show at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center.

• The Individual Community Services (ICS) program is designed to assist individuals with behavioral, forensic or vocational needs, which cannot be support through other service areas.
• Nursing Home Transition Services (NHTS) through the Department of Health Home and Community Services Waiver.
• Allegany Arc Transportation services partnered with Allegany County Transit to provide public transportation routes throughout Allegany County.  Allegany County Rides debuted in 2009 providing transportation to all areas of Allegany County.
• The Enhanced Supported Employment Pilot Project (ESEMP) was developed to find employment for hard to place persons.
• Relyability Career Services was renamed ACHIEVE Career Consultants to reflect the diverse population of people being served through the Vocational Education Program.

• Northern Expansion project was created and a satellite office at Fillmore Central School as a way to reach out to individuals in the Northern Region of Allegany County.  Services at the satellite site include; After School Program, Off-Site Waiver Services and Recreational Programming.
• Partnership with Houghton College, Houghton, NY to utilize and include individuals with special needs in recreational services offered through the college.
• Allegany County Rides expanded their public transportation routes to include a continuous loop in the Wellsville Business District.
• ACHIEVE Career Consultants applied to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide services to individuals with Tickets to Work and became an Employment Network.
• DDPC awarded a grant to Allegany Arc to provide Case Coordination Services at Literacy West NY Inc. as part of a collaborative partnership providing holistic services to individuals identified with a disability.

• The Special Olympics program is currently being organized to start in spring of 2011.
• The Redemption Center expanded their business to the Alfred University campus in Alfred, NY.  A satellite site opened on February 7, 2011.
• Book End Café and Catering opened at Herrick Library March 13, 2011.