About Arc

Allegany Arc (The Arc) promotes understanding of the abilities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Awareness, education and treatment are the core of what we do.

The Arc advocates for the rights of all people with disabilities.  Through our network of members and affiliated chapters, we support and empower individuals and families, influence public policy, increase public awareness, and inspire inclusive communities.  Values such as inclusion, exercise of rights, self-determination and values-based treatment are at the core of our mission - providing the highest quality opportunities for people with special needs and their families.

Our agency is devoted to "putting people first" and allowing individuals with developmental disabilities to have greater control over and live richer lives.  The NYSARC mission is to help individuals achieve four basic person-centered outcomes:  living in a home of their choice where they can fully participate in community; having meaningful relationships with family and friends; engaging in activities, like having a job, that contribute to their personal growth; and having good health.

What started as a TREE Workshop (for Training, Rehabilitation, Education, and Experience) in 1961, has now grown into Allegany Arc which serves over 325 individuals through a wide variety of programs (i.e. day habilitation on-site, habilitation off-site, Occupational and Speech therapies, service coordination, residential, crisis intervention, family and respite care, pre-vocational and college mentoring programs, etc.).

The Arc proudly provides employment for over 375 people, most of whom reside in Allegany County.

Allegany Arc is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.