ACHIEVE Ticket To Work

What is the Ticket to Work Program?
The goal of the national Ticket to Work program is to give people receiving disability benefits the chance to achieve steady, long-term employment.

Ticket holders get more choices about going to work, earning income, and receiving continued health care benefits than ever before. This is a voluntary employment-related program. When an individual gets a Ticket [click here to view sample ticket], he or she is free to choose whether or not to use the Ticket.

How Does this Program Work?
Eligible beneficiaries receive "Tickets" (they look like a certificate) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). After receiving a Ticket, if a person wants to go to work, they contact and "assign" their Ticket to a local entity called an Employment Network like ACHIEVE Career Consultants or any state vocational rehabilitation agency.

With the counselor, an Individual Work Plan is developed stating the desired employment goals. After this is done, the Ticket is considered "in use."

When a person's Ticket is in use, no Medical Continuing Disability Review can take place, as long as the person demonstrates they are making "timely progress" and/or working to meet the goals identified in their Individual Work Plan.

Who is Eligible?
SSA determines which SSI and Social Security Disability beneficiaries are eligible to receive Tickets. Generally, eligible beneficiaries:

  • Are 18 or older and have not reached age 65
  • Are in "current pay status" for monthly Title II cash benefits based on disability, or are a Title XVI disability beneficiary
  • Monthly federal cash benefits based on disability or blindness under Title XVI are not suspended
  • SSA has conducted at least one Continuing Disability Reviews and made a final determination or decision that the disability continues

ACHIEVE Career Consultants is an Employment Network and proudly supports the Ticket to Work program.

For more information, or if you are a Ticket Holder, visit or contact:

Christina Lyon
Director of Vocational Services
(585) 593-3005 Ext. 227

Click here to view/download the Ticket To Work Brochure.