ACHIEVE Career Consultants

"Burger King is an atmosphere that blends different people together and gets them to work together," says Tim Condon, Burger King Manager. "I have been hiring individuals with disabilities to work for me for over 20 years. Hiring individuals with disabilities bodies well for the future of my, as well as other local businesses by strengthening the community."

Kim Blitz, Manager of the Almond NY  Post Office, explains that they had never hired an individual  with a disability to work at the post office before now, but has since suggested it to other businesses. "It is great having someone that is always here and reliable. Having worked in other places where it has been hard to find people it is great to see an individual take pride in what they do and are willing to take the time to do their job the way it is expected to be done," she says.

"Employees at the Redemption Center have found a place where they can do rewarding work while enjoying the job and the company of peers," says Wellsville Redemption Center Manager Gary Hoernig. The Redemption Center currently employs 10 individuals with disabilities. "It gives them a sense of accomplishment and ownership to know they're producing something that is going to benefit others," says Mr. Hoernig.

Better Days Pub and Eatery is trying something new; hiring people with disabilities. Manager Andrew Harris believes that giving one individual an opportunity to work there will help create jobs for other people with disabilities. Though Mr. Harris does not believe his business has changed since hiring a person with a disability, it has opened the workforce and the community to new opportunities. "Integrating people with disabilities creates a more diverse workplace which benefits all employees and customers," he says.

The Alfred Town Hall and its manager Janet Higgins have recently hired a person with a disability. Along with several other local businesses working with Allegany Arc, it is the first time they have done this. Mrs. Higgins explained that they take care of the new employee like family. She feels they have been connected with a person who maintains a great attitude about working. Though the business has not changed, they have added an asset to their workforce.