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Established in 1989 ACHIEVE Career Consultants has been assisting Employers with finding the right Employee for the job. Through one-on-one interviews with prospective employers, ACHIEVE has been able to identify qualified applicants for prospective job vacancies.

The process is simple. An ACHIEVE Employment Specialist will meet with the prospective Employer, look at the qualifications for each position with a vacancy, provide the Employer with resumes, cover letters, and  completed job applications for each position. Additionally, the Employment Specialist will accompany the prospective Employee to the interview and assist with the interview process when necessary. The Employment Specialist will train the prospective Employee on the necessary  job components at no cost to the Employer.  Once the Employer,Employee and Employment Specialist agree the individual has met the job-related requirements, the Employment Specialist will "fade out", leaving the individual to complete job tasks on their own.

Once this process has been completed, the Employment Specialist will continue to meet with the Employer once a month and the Employee twice a month to ensure the individual continues to meet the expectation of the job. Should job responsibilities change or the individual receives a promotion, the Employment Specialist will assist the Employer with training the individual in their new responsibilities.

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Applicant Screening
ACHIEVE has the ability to assess the prospective Employee's work skills, aptitudes, and learning style. This is accomplished through an assessment process which takes approximately 2-3 hours.  In this time frame, the prospective Employee will meet with a trained Evaluator who will put them through a series of tests which will allow the Evaluator to identify their potential for employment in their desired field.

The assessment process can include: 1.) Learning Styles Assessment, 2.) Interest Inventory, 3.) General Aptitudes, and 4.) Simulated Work Samples; Machine Tending, Small Parts Assembly and Hand/Eye/Foot Coordination.

Job Readiness / Work Readiness
ACHIEVE has developed a comprehensive series of Job Readiness classes to address current employment issues by surveying local Employers and working with the New York State Department of Education to determine what employers are looking for from prospective Employees.

Classes include: Job General Aptitudes, Work Ethic and Values, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Co-worker and Supervisory Relations, Job Applications, Interviewing,  and Resume Writing.

Community Based Assessments / Internships
An added feature of ACHIEVE is our ability to provide an individual with an opportunity to obtain on-the-job-training. When a prospective Employee indicates an interest in a job, the Employment Specialist will work with a local business to train and assess the individual's ability to effectively perform the required job tasks. This process typically takes place over a 2-3 week period. At the end of this assessment, the Employment Specialist will meet with the "host Employer" to determine if the individual met the expectations of the job description, determine their strengths, and identify barriers to success. This process assists both the Employer and Employee to determine if the individual is a good match for the job.

Internships are designed for students while they are still attending school, are participating in a summer youth experience or are meeting a requirement for college graduation.  Internships allow the student to "try on" the job to ensure they are on the best career path, understand and learn about the business, and ensure they have a clear expectation of Employer demands in the real world.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides Employers tax savings up to $2,400 per worker as an incentive to hire job seekers with barriers to employment. Created by the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, the WOTC applies to new Employees hired after  September 30,  1996.

An Employment Specialist will be at your business to provide ongoing supports and job retention services for the new Employee and will remain with the individual until they are completely up to speed and confident working on their own.

Strong Employer loyalty pays off in reduced costs associated with turnover. A three-year study at Washington Mutual, Inc. found a turnover rate of 8 percent among people with developmental disabilities, compared with an overall rate of 45 percent in the general population.

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